Self-Reliance is about learning who you are and your worthiness!

Bruna Rocha

And I, as a Self-Reliant  Coach, seek ways to empower women to get to know themself, practice constant self-love, put themselves first, and find true happiness so they can be free from others’ expectations and live life on their terms!


On a Mission to transform lives.

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bruna is the capital’s youngest daughter of a middle-class family. By the time Bruna reached school age, her parents had ensured she was interested in culture and spirituality and had mastered her communication skills as a child.


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And I have news for you: True Intimacy has nothing to do with SEX!

We must descontruct the belief that intimacy is only about sex, self-intimcay is more about taking the time, and put the the effort on getting to know who we are emmotionally, physically, and spiritually.

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Get to know yourself.

How incredible would it be to live on your terms, free of judgment, guilt, and fear?

All that is possible!

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