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How to keep your Inner Strength growing

Life is a journey

Life is never easy, and finding ways to cope with the challenges, the struggles we might face, can be very hard.

Sometimes, it feels like things won’t ever get easy. When you think it will be ok, we solve one problem, just so another one surges.

It can get worse!

And it can become even worse if we are overthinkers, those who live in the future suffering in an anticipated manner.

That is because we are not only worrying about what is going on now. We have to deal with our uncontrolled minds, which run crazily like a chicken without a head.

I laughed when people told me to call myself down and be present. That is because, for me, it sounded like a joke, a terrible joke.

Because for me, if I did not worry, I would not be able to solve the problems, even though most of those problems didn’t even present themselves yet!

It was a sum of self-created problems: the real problem+lack of love & support+overthinking.

The life I wanted and the life I was living were nowhere near aligned, which is why I had to learn how to use and rely 24×7 on my inner strength.

What to do?

Mastering my inner strength was the only way to learn how to love, accept myself, and see how I deserved a better life, the life I truly desired by living my purpose.

And this is what I teach to my students, that they do have the answers already inside of them, as long with the solutions to any of their problems, they only have to dig a bit deeper.

We are indeed responsible for each and any consequence of what happens to us, but we are also the ones to be celebrated for finding solutions to our challenges.

Here are the six main things that I do to keep growing my strength:

  1. Small things first

By breaking down my goals, or problems, into small targets, I allow myself to stretch my skills without too much pressure and create motivation, with each victory, moving towards the main goal/problem.

2. Keep Learning

By taking classes, reading a good book, or having a valuable conversation, I try to open myself to new experiences and always learn something new. This way, I keep myself up to date, my brain fresh creating new neuropathways that will help me solve future problems with an abundance of creativity and flexibility.

3. Accept my weakness

Being vulnerable can be challenging in private, and worse when we let others know us. But this is something that I can not change. As time went by, I became more and more reserved, but for me is very important to be myself. Recognizing, that I can not do it all on my own, asking for help, apologizing, and accepting others as they are, is all part of vulnerability, and they can make us very strong.

4. Be patient

Be kind and patient with me, and allow me to focus on the long-term goals and needs instead of trying to hurry things for the sake of immediate gratification. As well, helps by making you more present and thinking about the future as something to be happy, and hopefully about, instead of fearful and stressed.

5. Positivity and Love only

Doing things all by ourselves can be challenging, but we can continually create an emotional support system to give us honest feedback, with words of encouragement, that we must receive with an open heart and mind as well.

6. Connect with the Divine

Developing faith in the divine can give us peace Divinerspective. The practice of prayer and meditation can boost our inner strength.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are three qualities I associate with inner strength?
  2. Why am I stronger today than I was yesterday?
  3. What choice can I make right now that will enhance my inner strength?

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