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My purpose is not to serve you!


Who are we to demand or expect anything from others?

I write when I feel there is Something meaningful to be written, Something worth people’s time to read it. And today, I feel like I have to write one of those days.

Going on with my day, I realized that I have encountered several people in my life who are beyond “control freaks.” Who demands from others more than what they can give or more than what someone can give them?

The level of requests and demands is so great that they do not realize the amount of pressure and responsibility to put on others.

I am all about serving and making concessions in life to make people feel better and more pleasant in my presence.

However, it is so draining and belittling that I sometimes question if being always at someone’s disposal is worth it.

Not because I expect anything in exchange, but because it seems they always need Something in return. 

As soon as I say ok, it’s enough; I become the enemy.

So who are we to demand or expect anything from anyone?

The ones who make demands by making others responsible for their feelings are just immature. 

Immature because when we don’t have the knowledge and skills to do or be whatever we want, we put it on others. We always depend on someone else actions and reactions.

Then the immature shows up shouting, demanding, telling people what to do, inventing stories that fulfill their capacity to take responsibility, and more.

And yes, we should forgive and love those people, not because God says so, but because we, as enlightened people, live aligned to our soul, and our soul needs love 24/7, so it can keep us balanced and healthy.


However, to love and forgive people is one thing, but to keep putting up with we aren’t usually the ones that handle their nonsense.

Some people in my life did me wrong, badly wrong, for no reason, or because they have to invent reasons to justify their actions, and I am alright with it.

In my mind, there are so many people on this planet that one, more or less, is irrelevant.

I live in a place in my mind where nothing lasts forever; everything and everyone has a limited time with me.

During this limited time, I try to do my best to make people feel loved and respected, but there is nothing I can do out of that.

My mother made me feel so unwanted from a young age that it pushed me to demand so much from myself. 

I was trying to prove to her that I deserved her love or did not deserve it taught me how to detach from people and things quickly.

And this goes for those expecting me to act or react the way they want me to.

Is it a Payback?

I don’t consider cutting someone off a payback, but I can see how people can interpret it. 

For me, it is the natural flow of things; Something beautiful begins, then it s dies, and 

A relationship might die because of the constant need to tell others how or what to do.

A payback or an act of revenge would be for me to go and try to ruin that person’s life, break their windshield, or leak private pictures of them. 

Removing someone from our lives is essential when they are not aligned with what we want.

Protecting our energy

The fear of being alone, fear of judgment, or the thought of letting go of someone who has created incredible memories with us, can be paralyzing.

And we don’t realize how much of our energy and self-respect we have lost.

And it can be late.

For example, I suck at breakups. Most of the time, even though I knew it was over, I let my partners take the lead and proceed to the end.

And used to work for me because I knew that person did not want me, and I won’t chase them because of my pride.

To take the blame, agree with it all, and move on.

B. To avoid conflicts recently, I noticed that this is not serving me any longer, and to some people, either friends or ex-lovers, I must say enough is enough.

Enough of the blaming, enough of the Bruna you can or should do this or that, enough of the accusations. 

Because it might be my fault, I can take that into account. Still, if this is not the case, I decided that I am protecting my energy by immediately interrupting the expectation game and ending any form of communication.

The energy I need is to keep creating beautiful art, writing, designs, and content that will genuinely serve people that need it without any expectation.

Are you under pressure or pressuring someone to do what you want whenever you demand? Comment below 

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