Referral Program

CoachmeBruna brings the support and tools people need to live the life they want without fear or shame of judgment or expectations of external approval.

We are so excited to partner with people like you who genuinely desire to better themselves and better others around you; it is a mission to make everyone’s lives fulfilled with love and compassion.

We are looking for someone who fulfills the following criteria:

  • Love to help others
  • Have at least one hour daily to spread the love with your community, friends, and family.
  • Open to learn
  • Ambitious enough to have either a part or full-time income directly from home

If you are that person, please email us at, and start making money now!

Our classes and events are fully insured to secure you, us, and our participants. Designed with love, care, and dedication, we have been in the business of caring and loving people from stage one.

Who runs CoachmeBruna?

The brand CoachmeBruna, belongs to Bruna Rocha, a well-traveled, holistic coach and healer.

Why sign up for a referral program with you?

Because we do not only pay great commissions, but as well offer you all the tools, and assistant during this journey, in all aspects that you can imagine. We decided to run a referral program, in a way to create genuine connection, while providing people in our energetic field to generate more income.

How much can I earn?

When you recommend someone, an this person sign in to one of our programs, using your individual code, you will be rewarded according to what program they signed up. Here are the  commissions: 15$ per Coaching Calls; 35$ per Online Programs; and 500$ per In Person Retreat.

Who can I refer?

You can refer anyone that you believe can benefit, of finding freedom, expanding their business, and their spirituality without shame, guilt or blame.

Is there a limit on how many people I can refer?

You can refer as many people you want. Keep in mind that people who apply for the In Person Retreat, must be accepted after a consultation.

When do I get paid?

You’ll be paid within 30 days of the product or service being purchased.

How do you know when I have made a referral?

Uppon booking, the client that you referred must add your private code, on the booking form. That will be registered, and you will receive a notification immediately, on your email telling who, and from where that referral signed up.

How will I get paid?

On the confirmation email notifying of your success referral, you will be asked to provide your Bank Details. Note that your bank account must be under the same name, you used during your referral registration process.