What is a Holistic Self-Reliance Coach and why do I need one?


I have been through a lot, and in many circumstances, I found myself always alone, having to deal with, and making all the decisions alone. Even as a child, I had to be responsible.

That is because my negligent, alcoholic mother did not have much of an interest in caring about me, and my sisters were already building their families – my father passed away when I was a child.

Growing up, I tried to be responsible and do things as best as I could. But sometimes, I was tired of being the adult, always in control of things, and “too responsible” while my colleagues were trying new drugs, smoking, drinking, and getting pregnant.

I knew all those destructive behaviors would not benefit me, but somehow I was jealous of them, of their freedom. All I knew was that I had to study and work a lot if I wanted to make it in this world.

All I had was only me, my inhibition to talk to people, my humor, my kindness, and my emotional intelligence to get all I wanted.

However, on some occasions, I gave in and decided to binge on irresponsibility and only have fun, literally Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll. It was all fun and games until it became only a game.

As a divine blessing, I haven’t gotten addicted to drugs and alcohol, but sex would stop me from studying, eating, or sleeping if I let it.

A change was necessary, and I had many opportunities to change it. Still, whenever life threw me an obstacle, that damaging lifestyle would become more extensive and the barrier more challenging to overcome, transforming me into a very close and cold woman.

Some of us might blame our past, partners, children, or even the government for the life we have; that is because we become slaves to superficial and irrelevant aspects of life. And if you are at this point in your life, I am sure you will benefit from learning what a Holistic Self-Reliance Coach is and why you might need one.

Right now, we are in a time of substantial transformation, where the future is uncertain for those who do not have the mental and spiritual knowledge and strength. 

 When we decide to master ourselves, we increase our health and mental strength and become wiser and enlightened.

You have to have your back all the time!

And my purpose as a Holistic Self-Reliance Coach is to get you to a place of forgiveness, confidence, peace, and self-love, where you truly understand, accept, and express yourself from a place of YES! So then, finally, you can put yourself FIRST, without shame or guilt, and build a life on your terms.

“Once you become the master, there is no space for illusions and pain.” Bruna Rocha

Are you ready to learn how to heal and create deep intimacy with yourself?

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  1. Diederik

    I thought I only needed help and advice for a specific issue. Step by step Bruna learned me to handle so much more challenges I’m dealing with in my live. And opened my eyes to see how they are all connected. One of her strongest qualities is to give hints and let me find out on my own.
    Consulting her has been the game changer for me.
    I am and feel better than I have ever been for the last 30 years.

    1. Bruna

      Oh, that’s so thoughtful! The work you have been putting in is fantastic, and we know that we can find all the answers, and solutions, when we are in a better state of mind, in our subconscious.
      And that why I am here, to serve you, and guide you. Towards this better person who is already inside you. By assisting in overcoming and healing the past wounds and traumas.
      Bless you, and is a pleasure to have you as one of my students! And let’s keep it going!

  2. Juan Gonzalez

    Bruna has helped me with positive thinking . To let go of negative people in my life . With her guidance , I have a better diet for my body & for my soul . I longer allow my last to hold me back . She has a wealth of knowledge & truly wants to help others . I am a better person because of Bruna

    1. Bruna

      Dear! I am happy that we are changing your life, and you are reaching your goals. Keep moving forward!
      I will be here to hold you accountable!
      Namaste ?

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