Sensuality Myths, Tips and Tricks

“Sensual o movimento é bem sexy ,Sexy o movimento é bem sexy” – A Bomba by Braga Boys

Traduction: Sexy the movement is very sexy, Sexy the movement is very sexy

Sensuality – Let’s break it down

Well, what and how could someone be sexy, talk, or act sensual in a natural way and not feel like a loser?

This is a question, and other few dozens I get from men and women, daily!

That is because being sexy is not something we are all born with, like the average human with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two ears.

Being sexy is something that we develop with time, practice, and some perseverance because depending on what you intend to get from it, it might or might not work as you would like.

Typical fears and misunderstandings regarding being Sensual

Some people believe that being vulgar is something sexy. Others believe you don’t wear a bra because you are trying to get attention by your physical attributes and being sensual.

Well, Bruna, but what do you want besides being sensual if you don’t wear lingerie? Let’s thrown all the stones!

As a woman, being vulgar is an idea that some people believe to be sensual and sexy, sometimes because it is a normal way for them to dress or behave and common for their culture. Not everyone, all the time, might be vulgar in purpose, but it is just what it is.

It is more about the ones who are seeing their vulgarity. You. Do You consider yourself vulgar or judge people as such?

Meanwhile, for the non-bra or lingerie situation, maybe it is to get some attention, but I, again a human identified as a female, really doubt that this is the main reason for someone that does it as a lifestyle.

For example, as a smart person who knows why not wear certain clothes or prefer more freedom and comfort than stylish garments under more layers of fabrics, I would never consider who I will be turning the heads by wearing or not wearing a bra. It is just pathetic logic.

And even worse when used in the court of law as a justification in sexual abuse and rape cases.

Another myth is that we have to speak with either a childish voice – ladies, or a profound, meaningful way – for the gents.

It is totally understandable if you are doing roleplay and had to impersonate someone. But if this is not the case,  drop it.

I am a married woman, a God believer; I can’t be sexy!

Darling, God also said that we should please our partners, is nothing wrong with having fun in a consensual way with your husband.

Marriage is sacrifice.

Let me correct myself, and every relationship is a sacrifice. And try to play, entertain, and do something different even out of character is a sacrifice that we all have to do at a certain point in life, not just sexually.

By giving in to our partners – I am talking to men and women in here, and being creative shows that we do not take our partners for granted and still want to put effort into making them feel loved and happy.

If it is something that you are uncomfortable with, take a step forward and come up with something simple but that would make your partner feel excited and curious.



I am just dating and mingling.

If you are single and ready to mingle, you can spice up and make your dates feel special and excited by just looking at you, smell your scent, and hearing your voice.

There are no rules as to when we should be sensual. We can do it to get a favor at the government office, school, relationships, and whatever. Just be aware of how you are doing it, the message you transmit, and its possible consequences.

How to be Sensual in a Natural Way?

First, I am just writing it because I am apparently considered very sensual and sexy, even though I did not see it for a long time. I am used to hearing how ugly, clumsy, and not well dressed I am by family, till this day.

But as I grew my capacity of not giving a damm to anyone, keep my style forever, trust entirely in who I am, I was able to see the truth. That yes, I have huge positive energy and my natural beauty and sensuality. And I could help others become free and use their own sensual energy to attract whatever they want in life.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Be yourself – do not try to force being someone you are not. The best way is by using your own voice, feel and be silly it is ok, and add some cuteness.
  2. Use words that you feel comfortable with and your partner as well. If it is strange to say it, use technology in your favor, pre-record videos, voice messages, and even text messages. But refrain from look at it over and over, with regretful or judgemental thoughts. Do it, take a look, and send. *
  3. Make it simple! It can go from wearing sexy lingerie, high heels, dance to your partner, prepare a nice bath and wait for your partner to join you during the meal/ watching something/ talking touch their hands, and eye contact all the time.
  4. Eye contact shows that you know what you want, and you are not scared of going and getting it.
  5. Yes, I said don’t change your voice, but you can add more laughs, some words, and breath a bit heavier – not like in an asthma attack ? , nice, gentle, and slow.

6. Ask questions if you arent is sure about what to do. Ask babe/my love/ tell me what it is that you want to do with me? Or do I do to you? During the play, ask them if they like what they are doing?

Yes, ladies! You can talk, ask questions, and make suggestions. I said ladies because most of the reports I get are from men complaining about their beloved ones’ inertia and the ladies saying they don’t like this or that. Communication!

7. Be articulated, open your mouth as you want to be understood, and make sure that your lips are always hydrated and wet. Please, everything is in moderation. No excess gloss or saliva will make you sensual, but it looks like you are withdrawing or ate a whole chicken.

8. Be supportive of your partner as well, and congratulate them on their efforts to be more sensual, and tell them what you would like to do for them as well.

*Please, when sending digital media of yourself, make sure it is to someone you truly trust, and they won’t use it to harm you ever. If you believe this person might use it, then stick to the text messages or phone calls.

The goal is happiness!

Well, I hope it will help you be more confident about who you already are and accept that you have to train until you master the art of sensuality. And that is alright. Make sure to be happy and make your beloved one happy by creating excitement and anticipation in your relationship.

Always keep in mind to be respectful to who you are, your beliefs, principles, and your partner.


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